Yelp rolls out AI-powered search updates and the ability to add videos to reviews

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Yelp announced today that it is introducing a series of new updates, including an improved AI-powered search experience and the ability to add videos to reviews.

Yelp says it can now better understand a user’s search intent and highlight relevant information from reviews in new snippets that appear below each business listing in search results. For example, if you search for “tennis courts” on Yelp, you’ll now see highlights of tennis court reviews under each park or facility listed, such as “there are tennis courts that you must reserve in advance.”

The company says it’s also using AI to provide better search suggestions based on a user’s search intent that isn’t tied to their location, which can help make plans for the future away from your home. Yelp now suggests businesses in the US that you might be looking for

In addition, Yelp is introducing a new “Surprise Me” feature that will generate a unique highly rated recommendation near you. If you don’t like the first recommendation, you can click it again. The feature can come in handy if you want to grab a quick bite near you but don’t know where to go.

If you’re still not sure where to eat, you can now use clickable category tags for business listings for restaurant, food, and entertainment searches. These categories are designed to help you better refine your search.

Yelp's video updates

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As for videos in reviews, you can now post high-resolution videos of up to 12 seconds next to your text review and photos on Yelp. The company says you can use videos to provide a unique take on your experience, whether it’s a new hike you discovered at your local park or the view from your recent hotel stay.

Yelp is also launching new interactive review topics that help you keep track of what you’ve covered and remind you of other topics you may want to cover. The themes are food, service and atmosphere. The purpose of these new interactive topics is to remind users what to look for when drafting a review. Once a topic has been covered, it will automatically turn green with a check mark at the top of your draft review. Yelp plans to expand relevant review topics to even more categories, such as services, beauty, health, and shopping.

The platform currently has three review responses: Helpful, Funny, and Cool. Now Yelp is rolling out four new review responses: helpful, thank you, love this, and oh no.

In addition to the new AI-powered features and review updates, Yelp announced it is rolling out “Yelp Guaranteed,” a new satisfaction guarantee program that allows users to get back up to $2,500 if something goes wrong with their project.

Image Credits: Yelp

“When you hire an eligible business through Yelp’s Request a Quote, you’re automatically enrolled in the program, allowing you to file a claim if you run into trouble resolving a problem directly with the business — either because you’re not satisfied with the work performed, property was damaged in connection with the project, or if the company failed to show up for a prepaid job,” Yelp wrote in a blog post. “Yelp Guaranteed is currently available to advertisers who qualify for Request a Quote, based on several qualification factors.”

In addition, Yelp is adding a new navigation bar to restaurant, dining, and entertainment business pages to make it easier for users to quickly find the information they’re looking for by going directly to a business’s menu, amenities, reviews, or other helpful information. to jump. . Yelp has also reimagined photo viewing on business pages by introducing AI-powered photo categories for food and nightlife businesses, as well as a new sorting feature that allows people to quickly see recently added photos.

Finally, Yelp is rolling out a new login experience where users don’t have to remember their password every time they want to log into their account. With this update, when you log in to Yelp, you’ll receive a unique email link that authenticates seamlessly and securely with just one click.

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