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Twitter caused quite a stir earlier this month when it announced its plans to reduce free access to its API. The company initially set a February 9 deadline to enforce the rule, but later pushed it back to February 13. Now the social network has postponed shutting down the free API again — and this time there’s no date in the latest of the growing list of uncertainties at Elon Musk’s company.

The Twitter Developer account said late Monday that the company will delay the launch of the new API platform “for a few more days”. There is “huge enthusiasm” for the upcoming platform change, the company stressed.

Concerns have been expressed by the developer community in recent weeks about the social media company’s lack of transparency and information. The company partly responded to this by shortening the developer forum website behind a login last week without any explanation. The site, which is open again, is flooded with questions from the developers seeking clarification on how the new API will be priced.

The delay also jeopardizes the plans of developers and startups building tools around Twitter API, as they would lack clarity on future spending and budget allocation on the platform.

Twitter said last week that the base tier of the “low-level usage” API will be priced at $100, but didn’t share how much usage falls under the “low-level” bracket. The company also said it will provide a free write-only API that’s good for posting 1,500 tweets per month. This followed Elon Musk’s promise to provide a light API to “good” content-delivering bots.

A lot of academics And researchers are also concerned about having to spend money to access Twitter data, which was previously available for free under the Academic Research layer of the Twitter v2 API.

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