TikTok launches ‘Sounds for Business’ to help marketers create engaging content

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TikTok today announced that it is launching Sounds for Business, a collection of sounds designed as templates for easy marketing content creation. The collection features a mix of music, voiceover, and other audio cues to help small businesses create engaging content quickly. The company has teamed up with Elias Audio Branding, a subsidiary of Universal Production Music, to launch the new initiative.

Sound is a big part of TikTok, so it’s no surprise that the company is making it easier for marketers to leverage sound on the platform. Sound on TikTok encourages trends and creativity, and TikTok notes that sound, when used correctly, can help small businesses build brand awareness.

“Sounds for Business is designed to help small businesses create easy, fun, and engaging content to help them stand out and get noticed,” the company wrote in a blog post. “With a tracklist of 10 custom sounds that encourage the community to show off their most popular products, packing and shipping process, reasons to shop small, and other directional queues, it’s easier than ever to create engaging content.”

The new collection is available in TikTok’s Commercial Music Library and can be used in organic and paid content to showcase products and attract new audiences. The sounds are cleared for commercial use on TikTok, so companies don’t have to purchase licenses themselves.

The new update comes as TikTok has continued its rise in advertising and marketing. Earlier this month, it added new targeting and boosting features to its Promote advertising tool. Given TikTok’s interest in establishing itself as an ecommerce platform, it’s no surprise that it’s looking to expand its advertising and marketing suite.

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