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TikTok has quietly added new topic feeds to its homepage alongside the current “Follow” and “For You” feeds. Some users are now seeing new video feeds dedicated to “Sports,” “Fashion,” “Gaming,” and “Food.” Swiping between the feeds shows you content for each category without having to specifically search for it.

With this redesign, TikTok seems to be making it easier for people to find exactly what kind of content they want to watch or stay up to date with. The app’s current Following and For You feeds aren’t organized and instead show you a range of different types of content within minutes. For example, you might come across a funny cat movie and then immediately see a movie about a sad story. These new categories allow you to select the type of content you want to see at the time.

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, check out the Fashion feed. If you are looking for dinner ideas, you can browse the Food feed. You can always just search for these things in the app, of course, but the new feeds provide a seamless way to view specific types of content.

TikTok's new topic feeds

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The change could be a welcome addition for users who want more organization within the app, along with the ability to watch what they feel like. On the other hand, some users might not love the change, as it slightly overloads the app’s home page, which already has a lot of different stuff on it.

With this latest update, TikTok probably hopes to reach a more defined audience with the new categories. It can also be a way for the company to better align itself with its competitors. For example, YouTube has long had topic categories at the top of its homepage, helping users find content they’re particularly interested in, whether that’s music, games, or podcasts.

It is unknown if TikTok plans to stick with these four categories or if it will roll out more in the future. It wouldn’t be surprising if the app introduces more categories for things like books and movies.

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