Social music streaming startup Stationhead launches new live commerce tool

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Stationhead, a social music streaming startup, announced today that it is launching a new live commerce tool that allows select artists and hosts to sell digital tracks to fans during live streaming parties at their stations. The startup says artists like BlackPink, Niall Horan, TXT, and 5 Seconds of Summer have already used the feature during live release parties on the platform.

When listeners make a purchase using the new tool, they can access their downloads via email confirmation or via their Stationhead profile.

The company says data from Luminate shows the new feature accounted for 20% of BlackPink’s first-week digital sales for “Born Pink.” Stationhead also says the feature helped TXT achieve their first No. 1 album for “The Name Chapter: Temptation” by generating 33% of the band’s first-week digital sales.

“Live Commerce on Stationhead is revolutionizing the conventional music buying experience by recreating the exciting atmosphere of a concert, reinvigorating the excitement of buying music and nurturing an artist’s loyal fan base,” said Ryan Star , co-founder and CEO of Stationhead. “Our goal at Stationhead is to make the digital music experience engaging for fans and artists alike, and we’ve achieved this with streaming and now purchases.”

Launched out of beta in 2021, Stationhead has a total of over seven million users in 200 countries. Artists like Nicki Minaj, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, BTS and more use Stationhead to release their music and connect with fans.

The platform started as a way to recapture the personality of traditional radio broadcasting. With Stationhead you can turn your favorite songs and playlists into an internet radio broadcast. It’s worth noting that Stationhead doesn’t have a catalog of music, and users must link a Spotify Premium or Apple Music account to listen to a full broadcast.

The startup raised $12 million in Series A funding last July. The funding round was led by Buttonwood Group Advisors and other leading investors, including DJ, songwriter and music producer Diplo.

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