Snapchat now lets you pause your Snap Streaks

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Maintaining Snap Streaks – where you send a snap to your friend every 24 hours – is very important to many Snapchat users. To rely on that, the company now allows users to pause their Snap streaks so they don’t have to worry about getting broken if they decide not to use the app for a while.

Snapchat will only let users pause one streak for free during this testing phase.

“A lost Snap Streak doesn’t mean your friendship has gone cold, so starting today we’re making it easier to take a break with a new feature we’re testing to let you rekindle the spark and restore one Streak for free with just one tap,” the company said in an announcement.

The company said users “have the option to add more Streak Restores directly from the app,” and that costs 99c per break in the US. Snap also said it will be rolling out the freeze stripe capability to Snapchat+ users soon. So essentially people are going to have to pay anyway to keep stripes.

Last month, the social network added a chatbot to its paid plan, powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology.

At its February Investor Day event, Snap said it now has more than 750 million monthly active users with more than 2.5 million paying users. At the same time, it made announcements for creators and developers. The company said it is bringing ray tracing technology to developers to create lenses with realistic effects. Additionally, features have been rolled out to make it easier for creators to use licensed sounds for their snaps.

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