Reddit now lets you search comments in a post

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Reddit today announced that users can now search for comments within a post on desktop, iOS, and Android. With this latest update, you no longer need to use “Cmd-F” or “Ctrl-F” on a post page, as you can now search comment threads without expanding them. This feature allows you to quickly find the information you’re looking for on a specific post, the company says.

Last year, Reddit released the ability to search comments across the platform with the addition of a “comments” tab in the search bar, but you still couldn’t search for comments within a post. Based on user feedback, Reddit is now rolling out this new change.

Reddit says it has made several improvements to its search functionality over the past few months. In October, the company introduced text search in images, meaning users got the ability to search for their favorite memes with text in them.

Additionally, Reddit says the subreddit search algorithm has been improved to uncover more relevant subreddits for most searches. The platform has also made improvements to autocomplete to make it easier to search for communities without typing the exact name in the exact right order to find relevant results. The company has also made it easier to browse video search results. Now when you tap on a video search result, you can swipe up and down to move between video results on iOS and Android.

Today’s announcement comes as Reddit recently rolled out a new community mute feature to give users more control over what they want and don’t want to see on the platform. You can use the new feature to mute an entire community, which will remove posts from that specific community from your notifications, Home feed, and Popular feed.

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