Reddit is getting a TikTok-style feature that introduces a separate video feed

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Today, Reddit announced updates to its platform, including testing a TikTok-like feature that separates text and video content into separate feeds. The two split-view feeds, called “Read” and “Watch,” allow users to switch from browsing text-based posts to videos depending on their mood.

The new feeds are currently being tested, but will roll out fully in the coming weeks, a Reddit spokesperson told AapkaDost. As part of the test, both the “Read” and “View” feeds will include posts users have subscribed to, as well as recommendations, at least for now, the spokesperson added.

The update is an attempt to simplify the discovery experience for Reddit users and let them choose the feed they actually want to see (or read).

“By focusing on Reddit’s core principles, new and existing users coming to Reddit will be greeted with better experiences and options to discover new and interesting content and communities in uncluttered spaces,” said Pali Bhat, chief product officer of Reddit, in an official statement.

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Reddit wrote in its official blog post today that it also plans to release updates to its video player so users can “easily have conversations while watching.” The company launched its native video platform in 2017.

Other updates coming to Reddit soon include a reorganized interface to reduce clutter, as well as chat upgrades, storefront improvements, and more. The most recent feature to launch was a new search capability, which allows users to search for comments in a post across desktop, iOS and Android devices.

In recent years, Reddit has incorporated video on its platform in many ways to try and compete with TikTok. In 2020, the company acquired a short TikTok-like video platform, Dubsmash, to integrate its video creation tools into Reddit. In August 2021, Reddit rolled out a TikTok-style video feed on its iOS app.

The company confirmed last year that it was exploring the idea of ​​bringing more user-generated video content to its online discussion forums, as well as a feature that would allow users to comment on other videos.

Many companies have videoed their apps, including Amazon, SoundCloud, and Spotify, which have been spotted testing vertical video feeds. Instagram and YouTube have also launched TikTok-style features called “Reels” and “Shorts” respectively. Snapchat launched its “Spotlight” feature in 2020.

Updated on 3/7/23 at 1:35 PM ET with responses from a Reddit spokesperson.

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