Plex’s music player, Plexamp, now works with ChatGPT for creating playlists

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Plexamp, the music player originally developed by the Labs division of media company Plex, uses ChatGPT with its latest update. The company today announced a new feature called “Sonic Sage” powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT that will build unique music playlists by scanning users’ libraries and leveraging their TIDAL subscription.

The update follows other efforts around using AI interfaces to program users’ music selections. Notably, Spotify launched an AI DJ to both introduce and select music for streaming app users, while other third-party apps like Petey now use ChatGPT to create Apple Music playlists.

In Plex’s case, it’s using the feature for the music player side project for now, not the main media player app.

First launched in 2017 as Plex Labs’ debut project, Plexamp was introduced as Plex’s twist on the classic Winamp media player app, even offering visualizations to accompany your tunes. It later expanded from the desktop to iOS and Android, and got an overhaul and became a subscriber-only service.

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In addition to being a way to enjoy music in a classic interface aimed at audiophiles, the app has also served as a way for Plex to experiment with different technologies. For example, in 2021 it was updated with a “Super Sonic” feature that would match songs that were “sonically similar” to each other, rather than just using metadata for programming mixes.

Now Plexamp will add support for ChatGPT, the company says.

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The new feature, called Sonic Sage, allows users to create their own playlists by using natural language to describe what they want to hear. For example, the company suggests users can ask for things like “mellow ballads from heavy metal bands,” “cheerful electronics tracks from The Chainsmokers and other DJ duos,” “psychedelic indie rock like Pink Floyd,” “70s grooves from powerhouse women,” and more.

To use the option, users must be a Plex Pass subscriber and must also subscribe to the streaming music service from TIDAL, Plex’s music partner. They then need to create an OpenAI account to enter an OpenAI API key Plexamp settings to enable Sonic Sage.

In addition to the new AI offerings, the app has several other options for music discovery, including the ability to use different DJ modes, go on “sonic adventures” with machine learning, use “mood radios”, go back in the time travel to rediscover oldies and more.

Plexamp now works on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Headless, the company notes.

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