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AI-powered voice transcription service is launching a new AI meeting assistant called OtterPilot, the company announced Tuesday. OtterPilot automates meetings and is designed to help professionals save time and increase meeting productivity. The new features will roll out across all plans in the coming days, the company says.

After each meeting, OtterPilot automatically sends an AI-generated summary of key meeting topics to those invited to the meeting or directly to an Otter group. Automated summaries are shared via email, with hyperlinks to key moments. Otter launched a beta auto-summary feature for business users last year, but the new auto-summary feature announced today is the result of an all-new AI summary model and includes improved summaries. The automated summary is available to all users.

The new meeting assistant can also automatically capture images from slides shared during virtual meetings. It automatically captures a slide presentation and inserts it into the meeting notes. Otter notes that this allows professionals to easily find and recall important slides along with the transcript to remember what was shared.

OtterPilot also uses AI to write meeting notes in real time and share them with everyone so they can collaborate during meetings. During meetings, participants can view the live transcript, add comments, highlight important points and also assign action items. Otter can automatically share the Otter notes with those invited to the meeting or to a specific group.

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It’s worth noting that Otter Assistant, the company’s bot that can automatically join meetings on your calendar and transcribe the conversations, is now becoming part of OtterPilot.

The company says OtterPilot ensures that not everyone on a team has to attend every meeting, and that those who do can participate without being distracted by taking notes. OtterPilot also strives to improve the meetings you attend by saving you time during the meeting and afterwards.

“AI helps us in every aspect of our lives. Every day as I drive to work, I am helped and inspired by the advancements in Tesla’s Autopilot system,” said CEO and co-founder Sam Liang in a statement. “Similarly, we’ve seen the massive improvements in Otter’s AI capabilities, and now our OtterPilot promises to eliminate note-taking, save time, and improve meeting productivity for our users’ next billion meetings.”

The launch comes as Otter has reached the milestone of transcribing over 1 billion meetings. By 2021, the company said it had transcribed more than 100 million meetings.

Given that AI has become an increasingly hot topic in recent months, especially with the launch of ChatGPT, it’s no surprise that has introduced a new AI-powered meeting assistant to complement its transcription service.

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