Netflix plans to release 40 more games this year and will add Monument Valley in 2024

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Netflix has announced that it has 40 games planned for launch this year and 70 in development with its partners. The company also has 16 games currently being developed by its own game studios. Netflix launched games in November 2021 and has since released 55 titles.

The streaming service says it’s committed to expanding its games portfolio and will bring Ustwo’s Monument Valley franchise to its platform, starting with Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2, with more to come. In a briefing with reporters, Ustwo CEO María Sayans confirmed that the Netflix versions of the games will be no different than the currently available versions, and will include all paid in-app purchases.

The streaming service also announced that Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, a rogue-lite game set in the universe some might remember from The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, will launch on April 18. The game, which is from Ubisoft, features an improved formula, deepened story, and improved frantic action gameplay. The launch is part of Netflix’s partnership with Ubisoft and is the second of three exclusive games from the developer to be released on Netflix. The first exclusive game, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, launched in January.

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Additionally, Netflix teased that it’s teaming up with Super Evil Megacorp, the developer behind Vainglory and Catalyst Black, on an exclusive game based on an upcoming Netflix release. The company provides no further details.

Netflix VP of External Games Leanne Loombe told reporters at a briefing that the company is primarily focused on mobile but is working on its own cloud streaming technology, as revealed by Netflix VP of Gaming Mike Verdu at AapkaDost Disrupt last October.

“We’re primarily focused on mobile these days,” said Loombe. “We are still very early in our journey learning what kind of games our members want to play. We announced late last year that we’re working on our own cloud streaming technology, so that’s on the way. Again, we’re very early on that side of our journey, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure games can be played anywhere you have Netflix. We are confident that cloud gaming will allow us to provide that easy access to games on any screen. Our overall vision is that our member can play games on any Netflix device they have.”

As for games launching in March, Netflix revealed that Terra Nil, a game from South African developer Free Lives, will be available on March 28. Terra Nil is an inverted city builder where players transform a lifeless landscape into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Highwater, a strategy game with themes of social collapse and environmental catastrophe from Serbian developer Demagog Studio, launched on the platform earlier this month.

Loombe outlined that Netflix’s goal is to offer games suitable for all its subscribers, and that the streaming service intends to do this by building out a selection of games that serve each of its members, whether they whether regular gamers are or not. don’t play at all.

“Just like we did with the streaming side of Netflix, we’re building this curated portfolio of extremely talented third-party developers because we want to achieve that variety and diversity within the games portfolio,” said Loombe. “And while we’re doing that, our internal studios are hard at work building their games. As we know, these games take some time to develop. We follow that two-pronged approach with both game development and building the game portfolio for our members.

While Loombe did not reveal how many of Netflix’s 230 million subscribers play games on the platform, it noted that the company is pleased with the progress made so far and that Netflix believes it will see more progress as it grows over the course of the year. time adds more games.

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