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Instacart is introducing two new features designed to give shoppers on its platform more opportunities to make money. The company is launching “queued batches,” which give customers the option to accept another batch before completing the one they’re currently shopping for. Once customers have completed delivery of their current batch, they can begin shopping for their next batch. Instacart says the new feature gives shoppers the flexibility to shop on their own schedule and optimize their time whenever they want.

The company is also launching “multi-store add-on orders,” giving shoppers the ability to add separate customer orders from nearby retailers in addition to the orders they are currently shopping for.

For example, if you are currently purchasing a batch from a supermarket, you may be offered an additional order from a local alcohol store. You could then place the new alcohol order before delivering both orders to the customers, allowing you to complete two orders at once, without having to drive across town a second time. Instacart says shoppers will be given extra time to complete the entire multi-store batch. The new option is designed to eliminate driving time to and from customers’ homes before making additional orders.

“Our goal is to create a platform that is as flexible as shoppers need it to be,” said John Adams, Vice President of Shopper and Fulfillment Product at Instacart. “It’s our priority to help shoppers get the most out of their time on the Instacart platform. That’s why we’re introducing these new features that allow shoppers to spend more time earning.”

Instacart’s new updates are likely part of its efforts to appease shoppers, some of whom have gone on strike in the past over the company’s low wages and lack of communication.

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