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In-app browsers are usually not the best way to consume content in an app. Android developers have even used Chrome’s custom tab features to fine-tune the experience. Now Google is rolling out new features, such as partially customized tabs and auto-filled passwords, to make in-app browsing on its mobile operating system smoother.

The partially custom tabs feature gives developers more control over a tab’s initial launch height. For example, they can open the half-screen tab when a user clicks an article link. This allows users to interact with the app and in-app browsers at the same time. Google says partially custom tabs are supported by select in-app browsers, including Chrome.

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The search giant is also rolling out the ability for users to enter passwords and other saved details like addresses without leaving the app. This is useful when an app has an in-app browser login popup.

Image Credits: Google

Google advocates custom Chrome tabs over WebView, claiming it offers more functionality.

“When you add a web experience to your Android app, simply launching a browser from your app forces users to leave your app, risking them being aborted for that session. WebViews allow you to build your own in-app browser, but this can be a complex process with higher maintenance costs,” Google said in a blog post.

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