Google Photos’ AI-powered ‘Magic Eraser’ is now a perk for a Google One subscription

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One of the Google Pixel’s best photo editing features, “Magic Eraser,” is now making its way to other Android and iOS devices. But it won’t be free. Today, Google announced that the popular tool, which uses AI to remove unwanted content from images, will be available to Google One subscribers in addition to existing Pixel owners. Google One subscribers also receive a handful of other editing tools, such as a new HDR video effect, exclusive collage styles, and more.

The Google One plan originally started out as a way to pay for additional cloud storage for things like Photos, Docs, and Gmail. However, over the years it has expanded to include a wider set of features, which now includes a VPN and other special member benefits such as the ability to have longer group video calls on Google Meet, 10% cashback on Google Store purchases, extensive trials and other premium Google Photos features, such as Portrait Light for softening the background and adjusting the light position and brightness on the subject’s faces.

Now the exclusive set of Google Photos benefits is expanding again with the rollout of Magic Eraser and the other new additions.

Magic Eraser, previously only available to Google Pixel 6 and 7 owners, is now rolling out to all Google One subscribers on both Android and iOS. It will also be available for Pixel 5a and older Pixel smartphones, with no Google One subscription required. While there are other third-party apps that offer object removal, Magic Eraser adds the functionality to the main Photos app on Android devices — and the one many iPhone users prefer over Apple’s Photos.

In addition, Google One subscribers will get access to a new HDR video effect that aims to balance dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds, or vice versa. This is similar to the effect already available for photos, says Google.

In addition, Google Photos’ collage editor is getting a range of new styles to choose from and the ability to apply a style to just one photo in the collage. This will also be available to both Google One subscribers and Pixel owners.

A final new benefit allows Google One subscribers to receive free shipping when ordering photo prints from the online store in the US, Canada, UK and EU

While each feature individually may not be worth paying for, the combined package offered among other perks, backup and sync options, and extra storage has made Google One’s plan an in-app bestseller stores made. In 2022, found that the Google One app was the 6th non-game app globally by consumer spending. It was also No. 8 in the US. While most customers buy the plan for the extra storage and backup — in a sense, Google’s alternative to Apple’s iCloud — it’s also another way for Google to keep customers stuck with the app ecosystem, even if they’re using no Pixel phones or even an Android device.

Google says Magic Eraser, the HDR effect and new collage styles will be rolling out today, but won’t reach all users worldwide in the coming weeks. However, the free shipping is now live.

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