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Delivery company DoorDash is introducing new features for passengers, including reduced notifications, a request for customers not to text them while they are traveling, and messages that promote one-tap replies.

DoorDash is updating its iOS app (for iOS 15 or later) to reduce the number of notifications sent to delivery drivers while they’re in transit. They only get some notifications, such as a change of delivery address, messages from their customer, or if an order has been reassigned after a timeout occurred during a journey. Other notifications are muted and delivery drivers can only see them when they indicate they have reached their destination.

The company is rolling out this feature to all riders around the world using iPhones and has plans to expand it to Android in the coming months.

DoorDash will also notify customers with a prompt asking them not to text delivery drivers while they are driving. The company doesn’t actually show customers if the delivery person is currently driving. The prompt simply tells users to be attentive by saying, “Attention: Your Dasher may be driving and may be delayed.”

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The company is also testing a one-tap messaging system for delivery drivers soon. Like smart replies to Gmail or LinkedIn messages, riders get simple directions like “I’m on my way to the store” or “I’m waiting for your order.” Notably, Uber rolled out a similar system for drivers in 2018.

Plus, DoorDash introduces an easier way to decline an order that requires fewer taps. Delivery partners can also wait until the order acceptance timer expires to not accept an order.

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For new delivery partners joining the platform, the company has introduced a feature to run a demo delivery at their own place to understand the flow of the service. This process takes delivery drivers from accepting the order to completing a delivery, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the app before starting actual deliveries.

“By showing them exactly what to expect in the app, we pave the way for an ever better – and more importantly – even safer first sprint. Now Dashers have the option to complete a short demo order in their Dasher app as part of their sign up process,” the company said in a blog post.

DoorDash said it partnered with telematics provider Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) last year to give drivers access to the DriveWell Go app. It gave participating drivers insight into things like speed, distance traveled and braking while driving. The company said it is still evaluating data from the US pilot to provide feedback to drivers.

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DoorDash rolled out another rider safety update last November with features such as checking the delivery driver if delivery is taking longer than expected and an option to undo itself if a customer uses foul language in chat. This was an extension of the SafeDash toolkit for motorcyclists, which was launched in 2021.

The safety of delivery drivers is a growing concern around the world as more people rely on them to get food, grocery and e-commerce orders. In India, riders have complained about their safety and often got involved in accidents to deal with the increasing pressure of delivery jobs to earn rewards. However, there have been hardly any legislative interventions for the riders. On the other hand, Europe has introduced reforms that can provide gig workers with protections such as insurance and safety. The US has also drafted multiple proposals to give gig workers more rights.

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