DoorDash adds three new retail partners and updates store features

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DoorDash is adding three new retail partners and updating store features, the company announced Thursday. Starting today, users can order items from Lush Cosmetics, Victoria’s Secret and Party City. The announcement is part of DoorDash’s ongoing effort to expand into new store categories. The new partners join DoorDash’s current retail offerings in apparel, cosmetics, sporting goods, home goods and more.

As for the new store features, DoorDash is optimizing the search and discovery experience on its platform to make it easier for users to search a store for specific items they need. The new update brings more relevant options into stock for users to quickly add to their cart.

The company is also making pre-plan options available to more consumers, and now with more options. A company spokesperson told AapkaDost in an email that some users will now see three options for delivery time windows, including “express” (usually less than an hour), “standard” (or within two hours), and “plan ahead” ( up to five days in advance).

Finally, DoorDash makes it easier for users to choose replacements. In cases where the store runs out of an item that a user ordered, the company has built in message automation to make communication between the customer and the delivery person seamless. When the delivery person marks an item as out of stock, the customer receives an in-app prompt to choose between other available options.

The delivery service has been working to evolve its platform to become more than just a way to order meals from local restaurants. For example, the company recently launched a way for DoorDash drivers to collect consumer e-commerce returns and other packages for delivery to UPS, FedEx, or USPS locations.

Today’s announcement comes two days after DoorDash revealed it will support the ability for customers to pay cash for their online orders through a new feature for DoorDash’s white-label restaurant delivery solution, DoorDash Drive, which allows restaurant owners to offer delivery from their own website or app while using DoorDash’s courier network. The company says Chinese restaurants and pizzerias have been early adopters of the feature.

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