Bonus BeReal is coming to UK, let users post more than once a day

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BeReal is testing its new Bonus BeReal feature in the UK. This is expected to roll out in other countries soon, allowing users to post more than once per day – you’ll get two Bonus BeReal posts if you manage to upload on time during the two-minute daily window, and one additional post if you miss the window. Your Bonus BeReal can be placed whenever you want.

BeReal went viral last year for its refreshingly authentic approach to social media. Every day at a random time, all users will be notified that it’s “time to BeReal” – in other words, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and take a picture with the front and back cameras in two minutes. to share with your friends. Instead of just seeing the highlights of our friends’ lives on their Instagram stories, we might see BeReals of people watching Netflix on the couch or folding the laundry.

While some users are embracing the reminder that there is more to life than our most picturesque moments, other users have opted to just wait and post their daily BeReal whenever they do something interesting, furthering the app’s goal of asserting authenticity. encourage, nullify a little. It’s also kind of boring to see your friends at work at 2pm on a Tuesday.

“We’ve all been there…” BeReal wrote in a blog post. “The BeReal message goes off for we’re at the concert, out to dinner, or connecting with family and friends, and we’re faced with the ultimate decision: post late or miss the moment.

The Bonus BeReal feature almost feels like a concession that many users just post too late anyway, since the consequences for missing the two-minute window are so minimal. Now users are incentivized to post on time if they can as they get not one, but two Bonus BeReal posts. It’s a smart way to increase engagement, but it can also change the culture of the app.

When BeReal took over app store graphics and faced copycat features from TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, the team behind the makeshift photo-sharing app was unusually quiet. The French-based startup refused to speak openly to the press and steered clear of any discourse surrounding the app (and there was a lot — it was even the subject of a “Saturday Night Live” skit). Now, along with the announcement of Bonus BeReal, the company is breaking its silence by announcing that it has 20 million daily active users (DAUs).

Our sources also told us in October that BeReal had 20 million DAUs; in addition, we learned that BeReal closed a $60 million Series B round with a valuation of $587 million. Today’s 20 million DAU figure could be further confirmation of the same data point we received six months ago. Or it could be a sign that growth has slowed. Before publication, BeReal did not respond to a request for clarification about these figures.

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